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Bleaching ( Tooth Whitening )

Tooth whitening is a successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth. Teeth yellow with age but drinking tea, coffee and colas all speed up this process. Smoking and other staining agents will also contribute to darkening of the teeth. The whitening technique gradually removes the staining agent that has penetrated the teeth. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary from patient to patient and with the type of bleaching process chosen. We can advise upon the suitability of treatment based upon your tooth and gum condition. All of the treatments listed below are available at our dental practice in Leeds.

Home Whitening

We will take an impression of your teeth to custom make a mouthguard for you. The mouthguard is lightweight so that you can wear it comfortably while you are awake or asleep. Along with the mouthguard you will receive a whitening gel which is placed in the mouthguard which you then wear.

Results are normally seen within a 14 day period.

Power Whitening with ZOOM!

Power whitening is quick and easy and can be completed in one appointment that lasts approximately one hour. You will see the transformation immediately. As this process is carried out within the surgery by our dentists, we are able to use a higher concentrate of materials giving a greater degree of whitening. Fast, simple and very effective - power whitening, to add that sparkle to your smile.

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