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Denture Work

Dentures can be a good solution for patients who have multiple, adjacent or nearly adjacent missing teeth. They are fashioned to give the appearance of a natural set of teeth and are designed to match the shading and appearance of your natural teeth. There are several different types of denture options available, depending on the patient's circumstances. These include complete, removable dentures, implant-supported dentures, partial dentures and over dentures, When the patient has lost most or all of their teeth, complete dentures can be an appropriate solution. If there are any remaining teeth, these will be removed, and the patient is fitted for the dentures. Molds of the gums are taken so as to customize the dentures for the patient.

The dentures are manufactured at a lab, and care is taken to match them with the appearance of the patient's remaining teeth. Dentures are a long-term solution, but they are not permanent. Often, the gums, recede and the dentures begin to fit loosely. This can sometimes be addressed with re-lining the dentures, but it may also require that a new set of dentures needs to be fitted. Dentures also break or become worn with use and need to be replaced. With proper care, most dentures should last 5-10 years.

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